Wednesday, July 2, 2008

From The Editor - Welcome to

By Ross Pettit - 2 July 2008

Welcome to, an online magazine focused on the execution, management and governance of IT investments that can yield outsized (or "alpha") returns

Generally speaking, IT is managed to contain costs, not to maximise impact The lion’s share of those costs – maintenance, accounting system implementation, support, licenses, hardware and so forth – are purchased like utilities, no differently than water or electricity However, the high end of IT doesn't lend itself to this type of procurement. It's characterised by continuous problem solving, not rote execution. This distinction is important to make: while it might be a fraction of the spend, it packs the biggest punch. Business impact from IT happens - or doesn't - as a result of how these investments are delivered.

This recognition defines the exclusive focus of this magazine: the principles and practices of execution, management and governance that define IT as a high-value-added business capability, not a low-value-added utility.

Each week, we'll publish one to two new articles of 800 to 1,000 words written by practitioners, for practitioners. No press releases, commercial whitepapers, or academic research. The small article size – about 2 printed pages in length – is intended to make concise, direct and to the point. It also makes the content highly communicative whether it is being read on a traditional PC or a smartphone, in a browser or a RSS newsreader.

Global IT consultancy ThoughtWorks is generously sponsoring our content management platform. In recognition, there will be a clear link to ThoughtWorks content collections. Beyond this, however, there will not be advertising lining every page or embedded with each article. This will allow us to focus exclusively on ideas, not on the commercial aspects of running a for-profit magazine.

I welcome you as a reader. I also hope you'll think about being a contributor of a one-off article, a short series, or a regular column. If you have ideas that you think will resonate with your peers in the top tier, write up an abstract. I'll give it an outlet, and an audience.

I hope you'll enjoy reading as much as we do writing, editing and publishing it.

Best Regards,

Ross Pettit

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